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06-13-2011, 12:18 PM
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I love Kitsyn and have said so allot around here but if he were to join the team this coming season it would be as a third/fourth line player to start with limited minutes. That is if we keep Smyth and or Penner. Kitsyn is a 2nd line LW who will be a stud for us but not yet if I were GM.

One season away.

Holloway should be brought up for our 3/4rth line LW spot which pretty much means to me that Holloway should be brought up to play with whatever we do beyond the Clifford/Lewis/Simmonds line.

We are going to make a couple of moves this off season out of necessity alone.

As things sit now after Zues and Poni leave we are full up right again and have kids who either need to play or start being shopped if not both.

As the team sits


I'm not good at putting lines together out of season but to me our only don't you dare touch it line is our 3rd (Clifford/Lewis/Simmonds).

I can't imagine that DL won't do something to address our teams need for a better balance. The problem I see us having is how to move a couple of players that aren't destined to be a part of our core or team for the next 3/4 years without taking too much back in return while still addressing our primary need.

Dealing Smyth and his salary for pick's/prospect(s) would be ideal for us not only opening up a roster spot that could be filled by Loktionov and or others but also giving us cap space. The problem with this scenario is finding a team that would be willing to take on Smyth's salary without wanting to dump some salary back on us in return.

Today's NHL is a weird and different animal than pre lock out in this area. Gone are the days where teams would simply try to address needs by making deals, now they have to consider things like their own cap, the cap of the team they are dealing with, the amount of time that the returning players have on their contracts and other considerations to name a few.

There are teams out there who are far enough below the cap that could take a player like Smyth but then they are in the drivers seat much like we have been in the recent past. We certainly don't want to be involved in a scenario that sends us back a lesser player with a lesser contract as part of a deal and be stuck having to deal with what to do with them.

Edmonton has stepped forward and expressed interest in Smyth (or did so at the last deadline) but it is rumored that they want one of our kid D in return. Now if they would take DavisD as that kid and then send us back a mid level prospect/mid round pick the return would be acceptable for us but would the Oilers feel the same way? Hard to say.

Who knows how it will play out but if you look at our team as it sits today we definitely have to do something before we go into next season.

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