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06-13-2011, 03:04 PM
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I wasn't necessarily cheering for them at the start, but after they've gotten the full Boston treatment (media, on ice, etc.), I've been on their side. When they lost those games they went from "F everyone, we're the best" to "we should have gotten swept". Honestly, we are at our worst not half that bad...that says A LOT!

I've been supporting them with inspiring anti-bruins stuff and listening and commenting on their complaints (so funny to see people come up with the same conclusions when they finally play the bruins...I feel like a veteran).

Then there are the hilarious leaf fans who are so insecure, they make threads like :

"If we made the final, would you support us?"....LOL...geez, talk about hypothetical.

The thing I find the weirdest (but understandable) is that they think everyone hates them and it's them against the world, when the only people cheering for boston are the flames, oilers, bruins and the bruin media (including our favourite CBC crew).

They are really taking all the "diving and fakers" stuff way too much to heart. I've tried to explain that it's not them, it's who they're playing. Oh the irony of Shawn Thornton being interviewed about Luongo's "comment" and saying "some guys like to chirp, some don't", implying they are so tight lipped.

********** forever

anyway, GO VANCOUVER! I guess it's time to pass the torch...

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