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06-13-2011, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
I'm really not sure that this is a good idea, it's going to do little to help. Your best bet is to get in net as often as you can, skate whenever you get the opportunity, and avoid bulking up unless you have a trainer that knows how to get you there without loosing flexibility.

Yeah playing out is not going to help your skating in net. I do both and if I go to long w/o playing wing or playing net I have a learning curve to get back into the grove of playing either position. the skates are so different and goal skates are more like sled runners as compared to my player skates. I was buying player skates for my son to skate recreationally with his friends or with school trips but he no longer gets player skates because of the big difference.

I hate playing net but this year in the beginner league I keep hearing that I'm improving and I'm only skating net even at shinny.

Good luck what ever you do.

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