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06-13-2011, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
You save money by paying winger less. You lose money by buying C to play the position. The balance usually negative. Sather spent millions to replace Dubinski and save a few hundred grand to pay Dubi less on the wing. The fact that Sather bought expensive Cs beforehand by signing DRUMEZ doesn't change anything. Dubi had no chance at C as he was out as soon as Jagr was out. Luckily Dubi is successful on the wing, but size is what really helps there. He sniping is not up to 1st line still. Dubi would be a great replacement for Boyle, if he has stamina to play C, but it is something we cannot currently afford. If Richards is out and Sather gets someone like Leino, then Dubi may go back to center, but serious upgrade to Dubi on LW will not be cheap
You aren't buying a center to play the position. You are moving a young, relatively unproven RFA on an affordable contract to his proper position.

Dubinsky is on the wing because he belongs there, not because Sather was trying to save money. Dubinsky is not as effective as a center. I don't know what you're talking about with Dubinsky as a replacement for Boyle? You want Dubinsky to be a third or fourth line center? That's insane. Ideally, Dubinsky is a 2nd line LW, but he's solid as a 1st line LW, depending on the other two layers on his line.

Leino or not, Dubinsky is not moving to center.

I agree, although Boyle may be disappointed with your conclusion. There is no centers that see themself as a wing, very much like only a few centerfielders would be okay to play at the corners.
Who cares?

No one would take Brian Boyle seriously as a prima donna. He's switched from D to C already. The man has 1 good season under his belt. He'll do what he's told if he wants to stay here. and if he doesn't, then you don't really want him here anyway.

If no Richards, we keep AA for that role. Stepan may end up on same line but as a wing, IMO. If Richards signed AA is as good as gone. We've got no better asset at the moment.
If we don't sign Richards, there is no chance that Stepan will be a winger on Anisimov's line. Nor do I think Anisimov is "as good as gone" if we get Richards. Trade him in a package for a better player, maybe, but no problem holding on to him. He's a very good young player.

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