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06-13-2011, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Trotter was on the wing his entire time in Hamilton, he can play center but count on him to be a LW.

Unless Trotter's game improve leaps and bounds, I can't see him being much closer to a roster spot. Also I don't recall him being Boucher's wet dream, Desharnais is the player he always seemed to speak so highly of and was the teams best forward that season by a lot.

No chance

Agreeed, he would be good depth for the Habs in case injury hits hard again but we don't need another small, soft, not overly quick or good defensively forward as a regular. Would be nice to get him in Hamilton though.

I haven't seen Trotter in the KHL but I watched him at Denver and saw almost eveyr game he played in Hamilton, so unless his defensive game made huge strides, he was known for his poor defensive play, he isn't the hardest worker either. When Trotter and DD were on a line together, you could see which one wanted more, as DD always worked hard at both ends of the ice, Trotter, not so much.

Agreed, the loss of Dawes is huge for the Dogs, but Trotter would be a good replacement.

Trotter is a bit like Corey Locke. He's not big (in Hamilton I'd say he was 5'9 or 5'10 but on the thin side) he's not overly quick, he's not the hardest worker, on the soft side and isn't very good in his own end. That said he's very skilled with the puck, he can dish it, deke players, or just put it top shelf. Could turn into a PP specialist perhaps, as he can put points on the board, he knows what to do with the puck when he's in the offensive zone and he has the skills to get it done.

Hopefully playing on the bigger ice has improved his skating, lower body strength. If you look at Desharnais, he works harder, is better in his own end, is more skilled and he's got good lower body strength. Personally I think it's a key for smallish players to have good lower body strength, DD has it, Trotter didn't in Hamilton at least. That said, a player like Trotter would likely put up a lot of points for the Dogs so I'd welcome him back for sure.
Well if he doesn't work hard and isn't overly fast, than he has zero chance of playing with the Habs.

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