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06-13-2011, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As good he can be, there's still some strength to gain. Nobody talked about how fast he can reach the league, but the price we will have in the end with a player of that caliber. You do remember this is the Habs right? Aside from a few games we desperately need (see Size in Price, Lats and MaxPac), we will take our time with the others. And I beleive Grimaldi would follow the path of taking our time.

But you cannot dismiss him solely for the reason that our smaller guys are UFA in 3 years. You never know what can happen, they can be traded in the last year of their contract.

And then there are things WE want and things this org. want. I, for one, want bigger players. I do but again not at the expense of talent. If you give me a choice between Biggs and Grimaldi, first, I laugh, then I say "Seriously", and I then not even sure I answer you...One will play in the NHL. The bigger one might be a the ECHL. (Okay I'm exagerating...). But Saad and Biggs for me are ND. Could be wrong. Sure hope I'll be if we go that route. But if there's a team who keeps showing they don,t care about size up's them. So you might think we'd be a joke...they sure as hell don't look as if they care. And on the Grimaldi front, I'd agree. Geez, I'd even be tempted by Ty Rattie, who's bigger but also seems thicker on his lower body. But he's still small but I know...not Grimaldi small. Can you imagine though...if by any chance he grows up by 3 inches or even 4? Still small but not tiny tiny....what are we going to say then?

There is a limit to how tiny you can go, totally agree. But there's a limit to the talent you can ignore.
I agree that if we end up in a situation where its Grimaldi versus someone like Biggs, who is probably an even bigger gamble, than i take Grimaldi. When you're drafting in the first round i prefer avoiding big long term projects, unless its a late first rounder. At 17, i think we can get a guy who can be NHL ready in 2-3 years. I don't want to draft another Tinordi this year for instance. So yeah, there are a few guys I'd take Grimaldi ahead of, such as that big D Oleksiak, Biggs, and Saad. But there's a much longer list of players i'd take ahead of him in that area 10-25 area, such as Armia, McNeill, Schiefele, Miller, Rattie, Puempel. It's tough, i know. I think this is going to be the draft of "they passed on Grimaldi, what were they thinking". i sincerely hope that there is an easy decision when it comes to us, like a McNeill, Miller or Schiefele still available. Either way, i can't wait!

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