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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
How about you give us Gagner, Smid, 1st Overall for Carter, and PAY for our "salary dumps" of Versteeg and Carle with the 19th and 31st?

You want stuff for free? For no reason?


Your logic is off...

They're not giving us "Bryzgalov" + Voracek + 8th because we get Bryzgalov signed theoretically if we dump Carle. So nobody is giving us Bryzgalov regardless of how we decided or do not decide to sign him.

And also, I don't see Voracek ever becoming as good as Carter. It's just nice that he's physical, talented, and on the wing where we need him.

Also, that 8th, probably used on a defenseman like Hamilton at this point.
My logic wasn't meant to be fully dead on.... hence the words "you're basically".

But I'm right in that only Carter's cap could be traded one-for-one based on what Bryz will be asking for (something in the $5-6m range).... unless you think trading Richards is a better idea or you're able to find someone willing to take on Briere's contract.

I don't know how you get the idea we can afford Bryz by merely dumping Carle.

If we sign Bryz, we don't have the cap space to ice a full (23-24 man) roster by merely dumping him..... unless you assume the cap goes up to $62-63m AND you're willing to round out the roster by filling up 5 forward spots and 2 D spots with players making about $600-$700k. That hurts the team more than simply getting rid of Carter imo because as we've all seen this year and last year.... depth is what wins championships. Good defenses will be able to shut down your first and second lines in the playoffs. Just look at the Canucks.... it's their third line that's providing all the scoring right now.

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