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06-13-2011, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by willch878 View Post
I already assumed all of what you suggested above except the waiving of Leighton part.

I went ahead and waived Leighton this time and ran the numbers on that scenario..... assuming a $62.5m cap.... we'd still need to fill 10 roster spots (6 forwards, 3 D spots, and 1 backup goalie) with $7.03m in cap space. That's an average of $700k per player.
Sestito, Wellwood, Bartulis, and Rinaldo are all less than that. Read isn't too far off either. Neither is Gustafsson.

Originally Posted by willch878 View Post
Seriously, it makes more sense imo to get rid of Carter. We need depth to win in the playoffs. If Carter was the type of player who stepped it up big time in the playoffs, maybe you could argue it might be worth keeping him at the loss of depth.... but we all know the opposite happens with Carter in the playoffs..... he plays worse than he does in the regular season.

He's put up a mere 21 points in 41 playoff games the last four playoffs.

I think we're definitely stronger getting rid of him in favor of depth.

Let's not forget, the above-scenario means we also lose Leino. Leino alone does more in the playoffs than Carter.

That "depth" you're saying is worth more than Carter is Carle and/or Versteeg or Hartnell.

Please, please, please can we not turn this into another stupid bash Carter thread. Cartsiephan* (god rest his soul) would be rolling in his banishment grave right now if he knew someone was stealing his job.

It's a shame how a few people on the Flyers board have tarnished Carter's name across all of HFBoards. I can't tell you how many people still think he's terrible defensively.

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