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06-13-2011, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
Your argument is w/o merit in whole. I just heard an interview on AM 590 in TO with Dave Hanson today and a close quote was "I played and liked football and baseball better than hockey, but because I was in Minnesota and I played hockey, could play hockey 10 months a year. I ended up playing college (University) hockey for Minnesota." Grassroots market development works on "GrassRoots" or "Frozen lakes" Kids need to be able to grab a ball and bat, or skates and a stick and go outside to play. I know growing up I would play baseball 3 or 4 times a week after school in the sandlot w/o an organization or grownup in sight. Then have a weekend practice and game for the league I was in. I'm still a baseball fan and still support the Yankees only going to Yankees games in TO, As well My father is from Philly and he no longer lives in PA but still is a fan of all Philly teams and supports all of them. The Phillys, the flyers, the eagles, the lions (PSU) by going to the games, and buying the merchandise.

The Southern market is failing and it was an experiment based on the numbers of Northern transplants with hopes of growing the NHL revenues in that market. I'm not sure that there was ever any demographics done. It seems more like it was Bettman's baby and he is trying to refuse or admit he was wrong.

Your expansion argument would be good but then you would have to explain the MLS markets and why there is no pro cricket, field hockey leagues in the US? Soccer is the worlds #1 sport but it's not getting the foothold in the US market one would expect in a pro-league even with kids playing soccer all over the US and Canada. I do have to say that in some markets MLS teams get a better turnout for home games than southern market hockey teams.

The text I bolded above is just an example of trolling and exactly opposite of what I have been saying. Playing half-rubber in the street is exactly the kind of thing that builds support for a local baseball team. nice try kid-o.
I do feel bad for the kids who bought in to the NHL in the south and now feel like they are being left hung out to dry but this is the NHL and they are out to make money for the owners. The NHL, is an unincorporated not-for-profit association.
I'm done.
You ever hear of street hockey? How about roller hockey? I grew up near DC and played street hockey just about every day for a few years with kids from the neighborhood and we all were endeared to hockey through local roller leagues. There's no ponds to play hockey on in DC and the team is doing quite well.

Your argument about MLS is not comparable. MLS is an inferior product to UEFA. The NHL is the premier hockey product in the world. The NHL is merely expanding it's premier product in countries it already has lucrative markets in. You argument about the MLS would be more akin to putting the KHL in southern US markets and seeing how it works there.

Many southern teams fail because of incompetent ownership and inferior teams. The only team that's had some prolonged (and I use this term loosely) that 's situation doesn't appear to be remediable is Phoenix. Let's not forget those northern markets were in dire situations when they were moved south in the first place.

Grassroots can easily begin with street/roller hockey. Hockey can be played on/off the ice.

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