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06-13-2011, 04:26 PM
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Disappointing from a Hockey fans pov

Kudos from an intellectual pov

Downright stupid from a Die hard Rangers fan pov

It depends on how you want to look it at. This definitely takes balls and it tells us this is a different type of kid we are dealing with here. Could be a bad thing, could be a very very good thing. Obviously, it would be in all parties best interests from a hockey standpoint that he play in Juniors or AHL. While It doesnt seem like that is going to happen in the very near future, you cant write the kid off right away and say its a terrible decision.

Everyones path in life is different. Kreider seems like he knows what he wants and is sticking to his guns. Hopefully thats a sign of the passion and determination that will grow as he gets older. Can't force the kid to do something he doesnt want to do, then his heart wont be completely in it. I just hope for his sake he doesnt take too long and runs out of time. He should be signed next year and he can finish his degree in the summers to come if thats what really important.

If he is truly a smart kid he should understand all this and i think he does. Who knows he might feel that this is a part of his life that is very short and he wants to enjoy it. Someone has to be very mature to recognize that if thats the case. Look at Del Zotto, still very young with a ton of promise, but even after a full 2 years around the NHL team theres still no guarantee of success. Sometimes development could be forced and come too soon. We'll see how it goes but i have to respect his and his family's decision.

Sucks for us to have to wait another year and fret and debate over if Chris is actually going to become the player we all think he can be though. Sometimes thats what the selfish fan has to swallow unfortunately. As long as he doesnt turn into a Wheeler then im cool with it. We've waited all thios time for the Cally's. Dubi's and Ani's to develop, its not the end of the world to wait a little longer for Kreider...

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