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06-13-2011, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
nothing wrong with it at all.

then again, it still makes no sense from a professional hockey player standpoint. none whatsoever.

this guy is preparing for a career playing professional ice hockey yet when you read what he says, it sounds like hes trying to get a degree while playing hockey. i mean heck, hes not like some schlub whos playing hockey as a means to go to school and get his degree knowing he'll never make money playing the sport. this guy has millions sitting there. waiting for his signature. hes a first rounder for gods sake.

look at mike richter. highly intelligent, high end athlete. playing his sport, achieving a stanley cup, finishing his career, getting his degree and starting his second career.

makes total sense. i respect mike for how he went about it. but this stuff from kreider makes no sense. none. this just delays his development and for what, another year of college life.

sign the freekin contract bro. we all understand how important it is to you and your familiy that you get your degree but nothing stopping you from doing that. later.

right now you need to focus on your professional career as an ice hockey player drafted in the first round and sign the contract thats sitting there.

enough of this crap.

theres a very fine line between fear and caution, between desire and going and getting something. between confidence and self doubt. not sure where chris kreider is in that realm but hes sure giving me pause.
Really couldn't have put it better myself.

Nothing would stop Kreider from getting his degree later, and probably from a more prestigious school. Kreider can get a career ending injury this year, what then?

It would have been a safer and more intelligent to sign the contract now. I really can't understand Kreider's decision from any angle I look at it. But hey, the kid wants to stay in school, fine. To each his own. I hope the decision was for the best.

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