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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Is it? The parallels to that would be the Quebec Nordiques, Hartford Whalers, and Winnipeg Jets.

Its been reported that the NHL owns the rights to the Jets name, not the Coyotes, so I would be interested in knowing if they also hold the rights to the Nordiques and Whalers, as well as knowing for sure who actually owns the rights to the North Stars.
As far as know, this is what happen(s) or happened:

The Winnipeg Jets - When the left for Arizona the franchise had the option to buy the name & logo rights with the move, the declined so the NHL owns the rights. A new team can now be the Jets & use the logo if the NHL agrees to sell them to said team.

The Hartford Whalers - When the Whale moved to Carolina, the people of Hartford made a rider in the contract that the city of Hartford got to keep the name & logo rights so that if they got a new team they could still be the Whalers. They held on to the rights for almost 15 years, or since the team moved, In that time Hartford chose not to allow NHL merchandise companies to use the name or logo. Hence why it was so tough to find a legit whalers jersey/ merch for a while. Just last year the lease was up on the rights to the name & logo. Hartford chose not to renew, hence the NHL now owns the rights and again allows merchandise to be created & sold, wa-la, that's why all of a sudden last season you started seeing Whaler merch all over again. The people had the right idea but they never got another team & they failed to capatalize on the money they could have been making if they allowed for merchandise sales.. live & learn I guess...

The Dallas Stars - They were supposed to change names & logos to the Lone Stars.. However they never found a logo design that they could agree on & they also felt the name "Lone" didn't make sense in a team sport. Well moving day for the North Stars came & Dallas decided to just drop "north" (However the Stars are still TECHNICALLY the Dallas North Stars, like I said, they just dropped "North") and since they did this they just decided to keep the North Stars 3rd jersey since it just said "stars" (the stars primary logo for years, the one where the "A" is the top of the star) they just added "Dallas" to it & go from there.. For almost 15+ years the Stars wore a variation of the North Stars 3rd jersey hence they bought the rights to the name & logo & have owned them ever since... As far as I know Dallas make money whenever we buy North Stars gear still but I believe they only get a small cut..

There has been talk that Dallas has offered to sell the name & log back to Minnesota because they said they most likely will not need it again & in selling the team it's just an unneeded charge unless the new owner is die hard to keep it but I don't know if there's any truth to that rumor...

hope that helps...

Quebec Nordiques - As far as I know the same thing as the Jets, Colorado didn't opt to purchase the old name & logo so I believe the league owns it although Colorado may get a cut when Nordiques gear is sold. I'm not positive on how that split works tho (if it even exisits)

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