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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
If a midget like mza can play for us, why can't Thomas? If dstep can play, why not Thomas. Same with McDonough.

These guys came in and produced at a high level fairly quickly. We do not know what will happen but I can tell you this, if he comes into camp and scores goals, And I mean goal scorer goals off pipe and in the corners, he will get a legit look see. As he should.

He will come into camp with an sniper rifle shot. This dude can really bring it and we really have no one who has a gun like this kid. And more than just his shot, he knows where to go and where to be to score. He's a one timer freak who shoots it while backing up as hard as most shoot when they step into it. He's really got a great eye for the net and his shot mechanics are top notch.

I give him a good shot at making the team and playing a lot of pp minutes and getting 5 on5 top 9 NHL minutes.

I'm excited to see what he can do.
I dont think it's a matter of why not him I just think it's more along the lines of there's no rush and he's got a few years of growing into his body so they'll probably opt to give him one more in the OHL. He'll likely get his cup of coffee tho and they'll give him a regimen to work on the deficiencies they see especially defensively (B/c they do D with all their players including gabs). But that PP 1 time ability is a huge x factor for him making it.

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