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10-17-2003, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Marksman2
Someones sending you a tape? Cool. Which game? I can only hope its not those Sunday afternoon games where the commentators babble like idiots. I take you dont speak finnish, feel yourself blessed.:p

Also dont let the silly looking jerseys get to you, these are all small market teams and its business.

BTW. I wonder if you would happen to know whos scouting the finnish league for Canadiens organization? There must be someone with all the finns selected over the years.

I'll be getting the Sept 28th game. Lukko vs Karpart I don't speak any Finnish at all, but I'm starting to learn a few words here and there when I look up the stats from

I can get all of Karpat's playoff games from last year over time (one for one trades) but I haven't decided how many I will get, as their are RSL games I can get as well. I just got Korneev vs Ovchekin in the mail today from this season!

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