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06-13-2011, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Who knows....But even without knowing, I'll say no. If MaxPac is there, well he scores 2 goals....but who knows if he's not making 3 giveaways that produces 3 goals against?

I know we don't want to see Boston winning, but the more the playoffs progresses, the more we sound like Bruins fans with our moral victories...
I'm tired of the excuses. MaxPac is a talented kid who may develop into a very good player someday, but right now he's nowhere near the kind of difference making talent that would take this team to a cup.

And Markov has become the built in excuse for us every season. Even before the season begins folks will talk about how we'd be a contender if only Markov was healthy. Well, he's not healthy and that knee be an injury risk for the rest of his career. Other teams have dealt with these kinds of challenges (Bruins and Savard for example) and I don't hear anyone here making excuses for those teams.

We've got a couple of good young players to build around and that's what I'd like to see the club focus on because for the first time in years we have a couple of kids with bonafide superstar potential. That's what we should be building around. I'm happy that we have those guys for the future, we don't need to make excuses for the present.
Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
ok fair enough - but would he have been enough to make a difference against the B's? I mean, technically, we were a goal away from moving on... and I don't think Max would have pulled a Pouliot, frankly.
It's a bit of an unfair question don't you think? Esp since Boston is without their best forward in 90+ point man Savard who is a much bigger factor.

Forgetting Savard though does MaxPac make the difference in the series? Maybe. The series was so close and paper thin, I think that they could play the series several times over and you'd get a different result every time. So yes, MaxPac could've made a difference but I don't know that he would've. He's a rookie and he's certainly not proven enough to have relied upon... he's nowhere near proven enough. Who knows what he would've done in the series. Maybe Chara rams him into the turnbuckle again...

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
You don't think we could have beaten the Flyers with their non-existent goaltending? With or without Max?

Next on the list - Bolts... coin flip?

It's hard to say that we are that much worse than anyone in the east.
I think you're making a whole lot of assumptions here and no, I don't think we win a cup this year if MaxPac is in the lineup. We aren't good enough. Even in the horrific East we probably never would've made it and we would've been crushed by Vancouver.

I know the East sucks but I just don't see it. MaxPac isn't that good.

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