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06-13-2011, 10:54 PM
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Artie isnt developed and savy enough for consistency when it comes to using his body but he's definitely used it to dominate play and will only get better at it. He already has positioning down now it's a matter of confidence and instinct taking over so his skill and size can do their thing. I don't know why people dont get he's a legitamate 60-70 pt 30 g two way centerman. That tired "he hasnt done it in the NHL" arguement is stupid. he's done it in the AHL and anyone with eyes sees he has the talent. No it's not a guarantee but actually watching him it's a legitamate expectation. To me he's our most valuable young guy on the team. And by young I mean his age and below going down to our prospects.

Also imagine what the team is like if both Artie and Step can learn to win faceoffs. Even Crosby had faceoff issues at first and didn't fix em till about his thrid year in the league. here's hoping both of our guys can work on thay part of their game. A lot of offensive opportunites will be gained if we can win more faceoffs. A lot less work and energy expended in the offensive zone.

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