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10-17-2003, 01:26 PM
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Well, actually, it DOES sound a lot like Kuznetzov and Golubovsky Ryno. Both had very hard shots, were big, played hard when in the mood, sucked moving side to side. Golubovsky was pretty fast north and south but not big Max. He was a pylon.
The thing is, all 3 of them didn't look like they really cared about where they were. I've seen Semenov about 10 times last year and each time was the same, aloof play.
Aren't you wondering why that MacT is playing a career minor leaguer like Fergeson instead of Semenov? I can guarentee you that it's not because Fergeson is developing into the second coming of Larry Robinson.

And I don't think you guys and gals on this board get it.
The wings' organization doesn't WANT to replace fischer with a big name free agent just because they can. They love how Fischer has progressed defensively, how mean he's become.
Big, tough, fast, physical defensemen who can play on your first pairing and do nothing but help your team don't grow on trees.

Believe it or not, but Detroit has slowly been building for the future and plans to hold tightly onto it's youth because after this year there's going to be an exodus of hall of famers

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