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06-14-2011, 03:48 AM
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Certainly his playstyle is not the most suitable for NHL, but with the right tools and players it can be really deadly also (1.-2. line). At times he was just dominating in SM-Liiga and was clearly the best player of his team in almost every game.

He did play good playoffs in my opinion, but the thing what he needs to work on is the physics. I dont think hes physically in the needed condition for NHL. He had a rough year. Playing almost every game without any big injuries thought. But I could see that he had quite some of small injuries during the season. He also had plenty of fever days, once even up to 2 weeks. A wrist injury in which time he did 9 points in 5 games. Missing the last game of the regular season and 2nd game of the playoffs.

Those games you could really see why we needed him. The skill level of the team decreased by alot and they couldnt even make half of the scoring opportunities. Losing to Pelicans 1-2 which ended up the last and against Kalpa which we lost 3-0 when he wasnt playing. Next game he came back and he did a really nice move at the defensive end and tricked 2 players. Which then ended up in game winning goal. Sadly I think it was the next game where he got hit with a stick to his hand after a play. After he took his glove off and shaked his hand abit. He changed his playstyle to more passive and was more at the blueline on PPs. Could that it had some effect on his playing in the end as there was pretty much no rest between.

About the PK. He was suprisingly good but he played only short periods. At the end of the season he started to take care of his defensive duty more carefully. I think there was like 10 games streak where he didnt go to minus at all. The plusminus isnt only his fault, but more that the defensemen were just horrible, especially at the start of the season. That is where he got the most minus but it was fine because his line was really keeping Lukko up by scoring up to 4-5 goals at times.

When the playoffs started there was like 1 day between the games in most cases. Next series started after 1 day of rest also. The best part was the 4 games during _5_ days.. Thats wayyy too much. The quality of the games were sometimes just terrible.

Only reason I see why he wouldnt make it to NHL is his physique and this could give also troubles at the own end at the same time. He will need players that can adapt to his playstyle or otherwise it wont work so well.

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