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06-14-2011, 04:27 AM
Jimmy Carter
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Just due to the cost of getting new gear as opposed to used I haven't gone all RBK for protective gear, but I would if I had the money (except maybe gloves).

I got RBK 5K elbow pads (08 or 09 model) and I'm fairly certain that they saved me from a broken arm. Took the hardest slapshot I've ever been hit by on the forearm area. Had a giant, nasty welt and it was a bit hard to move for a day or two, but I'm almost positive that I'd have had a broken arm with lesser pads. Things are tanks! Always on the lookout for RBK protective gear on sale. As good as my elbow pads are, I've never tried out RBK's high end elbow pads and I'd like to upgrade to those if I could find a good sale.

Though I will say, I got CCM V08 pants (09 model) last year for like $60, and those have been pretty awesome protection as well. Sometimes I don't even notice when someone hits me with a shot!

Outside of CCM/RBK I don't really trust the protection level. My mistrust might be unfounded though.

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