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06-14-2011, 09:46 AM
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THe Habs were the toughest team the Bruins played -- by a lot

That first round matchup still gives me nightmares. The best, toughest, tensest, most ANNOYING games in the postseason were the 7 against a certain Montreal team. Your team played really well, and the initial matchup was much closer than 3rd-seed-6th seed indicates. The teams were separated by what, 7 points in the season? And each game was close and tense, especially after game 4.

Compare that to the other series my team has played.

Flyers? Pfft, BLOWOUT. They had no chance and it showed.

Lightning? Ehh well they made it close, but the Bruins owned them all the way in game 7. Once it actually got that far, it was pretty clear they were exhausted, they couldn't keep pressure against a good checking system, and their aging goalie finally made the fatal mistake. Compare that to the overtime game 7 in the first round. No contest whatsoever.

Vancouver might win the Cup yet and it will still be a pretty lame series defined by nasty words and nasty actions, not by the play on the ice. That's why the Habs series IMHO was much better than the current one. For the most part both teams are content to leave the series on the ice when the Bruins and Habs meet. Probably because we know we'll see each other again!

Watching how the Canucks go about their business gives me a better appreciation for how relatively OK the Habs play. Your team is WAY mentally tougher than the Canucks who seem to be completely unable to play competitive hockey in our barn -- the Habs got over that ages ago.

Besides, even with all the stunts players like Subban like to pull on the ice they aren't as dirty or as disrespectful as the Vancouver team.

And Price is what Luongo has always been told he is, so that's something too. I don't think Price would ever run his mouth like that without backing it up with at least a strong effort.

Since the Nucks series has basically been 3 snoozers and 3 blowouts and I can't think of another truly epic playoff series that was as well fought on both sides and truly TENSE as that first round matchup, I thought I'd give props where it was due.

Anyway, just wanted to pass a compliment along, since having a chance to realize that even with all the terrible things my fellow Bruins fans and I say about the Habs, there's DEFINITELY worse out there. So there's that as well.

I'm also convinced that if, God forbid, the Habs had gotten through us, they would be here now, playing the Nucks. I can't think which of the Flyers or the Lightning was supposed to stop them. But that's just my speculation. Who knows?

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