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06-14-2011, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by CDCrefugee View Post
Habs fans,

I want to vent to you guys, I hope it's alright. I can't take the Bruins or their fans anymore. Are they always this..****ed up?? Earlier in the series I used to just check out their board just to read what's up in boston and I see nothing but wishes to injure a number of canucks. These guys have something wrong with them. So violent, it's hockey not ****in gladiator.

Tonight I watched one of the canucks get injured in a play where he didn't even touch the puck but yet got shoved into the boards awkwardly and the crowd chants "flopper"... Really? What a disrespectful bunch of ******. This pisses me off beyond belief. These thick skulled cavemen think it's ok to act like this?? I'm so sick of these guys already I can't imagine how you guys feel having to interact with this group of people on a regular basis. I seriously feel bad for you.

Hopefully Wednesday the canucks can crush their hopes and dreams. I'd like nothing more than to see them lose knowing they might not ever make it back there ever again.
You're looking at the wrong fan base for comfort. Just check their main board.

THe Habs were the toughest team the Bruins played -- by a lot
A Max Pac away from Winning the Cup?

Are the Habs better than the Canucks?

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