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06-14-2011, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Now that I've had a chance to get some real perspective I believe you. First chance to snag a power play most teams hit the floor. I think the only reason Boston doesn't do it more is that their power play hasn't done them any favors lately.

And when they do dive, they're a lot better at it than les mademoiselles Sedin. Those guys need acting lessons. Going down like you suddenly remembered you don't have feet doesn't get you many calls.
Except for Vancouver, and Carolina(no offense Canes fans but you know...), the Bruins dive just as much as everybody else. Especially Ryder, Marchand, and Bergeron, they are just better at hiding it. Not to start a flame war but I see a lot of Bruins games, mainly because the Habs have played them so much, and it has always bothered me how high and mighty they are with respect to diving, especially when Savard was on the team.

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