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06-14-2011, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Suiteness View Post
Montreal didn't score an even strength in games 6 and 7. That Boston was able to win a 7 game series without scoring a PP goal (being -1 on the PP to boot) tells you how "tough" of an opponent Montreal truly was. Boston was simply less bad.
Yet despite that, Boston had to win 3 games in OT, and won ONE game in regulation by 2 goals, while Habs beat them 3 times IN REGULATION, 2 times by a margin of 2 goals.

Just one of those 3 OTs goes the other way and it's byebye Boston. That sure isn't easy to go through.

A team is tough to beat when they are tough to beat. And winning 3 times in overtime on 7 games shows that the bruins needed all the luck they could get to pass the Habs.

Get real. Habs were tough. Low ES scoring + PP and PK dominance is how the Habs have been winning for the last two seasons. So they aren't tough because that's how they win? We should take away the 100+ wins (s+p) they had in the last two seasons, cuz clearly they didn't deserve to win a single one of those games because they did it with low ES scoring and dominance on special units.

There's more ways to win than one. BTW, they say special teams are the most important aspect in the playoffs, but yeah, only bad teams dominate with their special teams. The only good teams are the ones who dominate at ES, no matter if in the end they lose, they're the better team because of that... Tunnel vision.

Sure if the Habs do something good, oh it's against a bad team. You're probably among those people who give the Habs no credit for last year except having a great goalie...

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