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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Where did I say that we signed Jagr?
You added him in brackets to our lineup. He's not on our team so please leave him out of it.

If he signs, then it's a different discussion. He's one of the all time best forwards ever. Even at 38 or 39 (however old he is) he'd probably still be our best forward. Maybe he comes back as a 60 point guy or maybe he pulls a Selanne and is a 50/100 guy. He's not with us right now though so it's silly to talk about him.
Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
So you're saying that you already knew who would win the cup or make it to the finals after the trade deadline?
I'm saying that our forwards are nowhere near good enough to win a cup. Boston's aren't much better but at least they have size and a goalie with the best save percentage in history in front of them right now. Not to mention this year's probable Norris winner.

And I picked Vancouver to win the cup at the start of the playoffs. We'll see how that one works out because they have been Jeckle and Hyde this series. I also picked Chicago last year and Pittsburgh the year before btw.
Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
I'm not saying that we are winning the cup for sure with that line up but we could be battling for the cup with that line up. Both of the Stanley Cup finalist were at 1 goal from being eliminated in the first round, everything is possible in the playoffs.

And lol at thinking we would be worst than the Leafs, Trashers(Jets), Islanders, Carolina, Sens, Panthers, Sabres, Rangers etc with that line up above.
The Thrashers, Islanders, Hurricanes, Sabres, Rangers and Leafs all had as good or better offense than we did. You sure you want to use them as examples? We came in 23rd in the league in goals for. We came in 26th in the league in 5 on 5 scoring. That is not a cup calibre team, sorry.

We're a lot closer to the Rangers, Sabres and Leafs than we are to Vancouver, Pittsburgh or Detroit. That was my point. And yes if I had to bet on us missing the playoffs vs. us winning the cup or even making it to the finals, I'd bet hard on us missing the postseason. So would anyone. We're not a cup contending team right now and we live and die for the playoffs by Carey Price.

If Carey Price turns into Ken Dryden next year then maybe he can carry us the way Roy did. Even Dominik Hasek wasn't good enough to do it though and we're still waiting to see on Thomas. The vast majority of cup winners have multi HOF players on it. We don't have that and all of our hopes would be on Price. Come on man, be realistic here. I can't think of a team that came in 23rd in offense actually winning a cup.

And flip it around. What if Price has an average or below par season? You don't think that we'd miss the postseason? Of course we would. Why? Because our forwards just aren't that great and we only seem to be be able to score on the PP. Your argument about us being contenders would rest on everyone having a career year and it never works out that way.

We have some promising guys to build around and with Subban's emergence, I'm more optimistic for the future but I don't see how anyone could realistically think that we're contenders with the forwards we have right now.
Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
It makes no sense and ignores the fact that Mtl - Phi is a different matchup than Bos - Phi. same thing with TB.
It also makes no sense to ignore the fact that should Boston win, they would be arguably the weakest cup winning team of all time (along with maybe the '86 Canadiens who were probably still better.) This, despite the fact that they have a goalie who had a season with the best save percentage of the modern era as well as this year's probable Norris winner.

As good as Subban and Price are, I don't see either of them being able to do that next season.

People here who try to argue that we are contenders always use the absolute weakest winning teams to try to justify their arguments. The fact is that the vast majority of winning clubs were legit contenders before going in, did well in the standings and have HOF players on it. THOSE are the clubs we should emulate.

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