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Originally Posted by Noonansgoal View Post
Yup, nobody has ever gotten it or asked me about it though, good job catching that lol.

It was Noonans goal, IMO, if you watch the replay, and I always felt a little bad that Noonan never got the credit he deserved for the SC GWG. Mess getting credit for the goal writes a better story anyway.

A small injustice in rangers history.
I actually have to agree with you, i've looked at the replay many, many times, and don't think it's Messier's goal. I can actually understand somewhat how it got credited to him, as he you can see him take a stab at it at almost the right moment, it just doesnt seem like he made contact there. The storyline does work out nicely for them, though I'd hope that doesnt play the part in the scorer's decision (goals by Leetch, Graves, then GWG by Mess to win is almost too perfect)

Messier celebrated like it was his, (thus Sam Rosen announced it as such) though that could be chalked up to 1) just being excited that the puck was in the net no matter who put it in 2) he could've hit a stick/skate anything in that giant scrum and thought it was puck contact. Though I'm sure anti-messier conspiracy theorists could say its just him stealing the glory

Dammit i'm going to have to analyze this thing like the Zapruder film when i get home from work today lol

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