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06-14-2011, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
So, are you suggesting that to insure player safety for the future we should just bite the bullet and headshot Bruins regularly so that they force the rule changes?

I think you make a very valid point with having Jacobs vs Molson as an owner. But I think it does have more influence than which rule gets in the book, it also has an influence on which rules get applied or not. Jacobs calls Murphy and screams at him after seeing one of his player taken out, there might be a much harsher sanction following than if Molson does it. Sure seems this way.

I mean, the NHL really does come off as a boys club with some friends at the top doing whatever they want together and laughing at the rest. Come on, Murphy ASKED BURKE'S ADVICE regarding Rome's suspension? A guy that had a conflict of interest with the team in question? And just seeing the previous emails from Campbell was proof enough of how things are handled there.

Note that the NHL is far from the only entity like that. That's how it works everywhere, Bruins just happen to be part of the group of friends at the top.
Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
I see it a bit differently. I think Julien clearly started pushing the envelope and the more he got away with, the more the Bruins exploited the NHL's inability to mete out discipline in any kind of logical format. I think back to Julien putting out goons in the final minutes of games that were already decided and starting fights. The Spacek Pyatt beatings were textbook examples. There's a blatantly clear rule that the coach gets fined for that, but Julien didn't. Everything that's happened since, including Max Pax, stems from the fact that the NHL told Julien loud and clear that the "New NHL" rules were no longer in effect for his team. Sure you'll get called for hooking, but keeping on beating players after they're down and out on the ice are suddenly not infractions any more. Even if you "lose control" of your equipment and slice their faces to ribbons, hey, it's the Bruins. The double standards are so blatant, be it squirting water or making obscene gestures at fans, sending out "messages" in games you've already lost or causing concussions via late hits (dirty or not.) Other teams got penalized for these things, the Bruins didn't. It's not a coincidence, it's a pattern.
I agree that Jacobs has influence, but I also think a team like Montreal or New York has more sway than the Nashvilles and Carolinas of the world (unless you're a team facing bankruptcy, then the league bends over backwards for you).

I don't think there's malicious intent behind this, just seems some teams are better at getting in the league's ear than others. It's just a ****ed up hierarchy in the NHL that's only compounded further by general incompetence by those in charge.

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