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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
I was graduating Highschool that year. Me and my friends went to another friends house where his parents were HUGE rangers fans (or so we THOUGHT!).

We go in the basement, and everytime someone checks, shoots, saves, takes a face-off we were all cheering (us teenagers. Not the Parents. They were upstairs doing GOD KNOWS WHAT while the Epic moment of Stanley Cup Game 7 Rangers were on!?!?).

Everytime we got a little louder than normal they would yell down to the stairs to "BE QUIET". I looked at my friend whos house it was and I gave him this, "YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR FRIKKIN PARENTS TRAPS UP RIGHT NOW OR I AM BUSTING YOUR LIP!"

After the game one, the parents called ALL THE PARENTS to come pick us up. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am 18 here and you called my mom to come get me?

Well they did and my mom did. I was soo pissed. I was missing VITAL POSTGAME COMMENTS, CHEERING. I had tears in my eyes from being in heaven that the Rangers just won.

In the car, my mother looks over to me and said, "What are you crying for? Tell your mother, I'll make it all better. Did they bother you while you were at Dannys house?!"


I was so mad now my mom thinks I am a P-U-$-$-_ and I am missing the post game.

I got home, yelled up to my fathers room, " THEY WON, THEY WON THEY WON!" hE CAME DOWN AND CELEBRATED WITH ME. This is a man who I swear (SERIOUSLY NOT KIDDING) never cracked a smile a day in his life (well, a day in MY life atleast and was a mean old son of a *****)

That night was just a calamity of awesomeness and being p-o'ed too. LOL

(Years later, they gave my father Ativan/lorazepam and now he tells jokes, smiles, tickles his grandkids and just loooooves my daughter). Its AMAZING what medication can do for SOME people. I really think I would have had a MUCH BETTER CHILDHOOD had my father beein on medication LOL

Back to topic at hand.

1994 WAS AWESOME AND I CAN NOT WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE. And I am sorry to say, I feel as if it is not right around the corner unless we stop needing just ONE MORE HIGH PRICED FREE AGENT.
dude, hilarious story...

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