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06-14-2011, 12:45 PM
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I hate both teams so much but I bandwagoned with Vancouver for the greater good against my better judgment. I knew Luongo would choke but after 2-0 just like in the Montreal series, my faith was somewhat renewed.

Now Luongo has been the biggest choker in NHL history. Winning the cup will make him less of a choker of course but even then if the Canucks win it will have been the ugliest cup victory of any team that I've seen in years. What would the goal differential be for Van -15 + win the cup in the same series?

I hate Boston but they deserve to win. They've played the way playoff hockey is meant to be played. They've done some less than classy things and I hate them for it but they're playing playoff hockey and Vancouver isn't. It's like after the first game where they came out forechecking hard and won the game they put on the brakes.

They need to play the way they did at the first ten minutes of game #1 for the entire game #7. They have to be hungry and play like the #1 team not like a bunch of pansy's who are trying to win a cup by diving. If Vancouver loses it will cement Luongo in my mind and imo in history as one of the most overrated choking goaltenders of all time. (Barring him winning back to back cups )

Vancouver isn't playing great in front of him mind you but it's hard to get into the game when your goalie is allowing goals left and right and not even giving you a chance to win. He has to steal some goals and what I see is an average goalie out there who allows typical goals. I don't see a Price, I don't see a Rinner, I don't see a Thomas, I don't even see a Halak, this guy is incapable of making big saves in important games. Like another poster mentioned if the roles were reversed between Miller and Luongo in the olympics the USA would be gold medalists right now in a land slide victory.

This guy is such a choker, I knew he would choke but he kept proving me wrong with each passing series. I finally started to believe in this team and think they had a chance. Now the Luongo we all know all too well is back and playing the way we know he can.

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