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Originally Posted by Frogurt View Post
I agree that Jacobs has influence, but I also think a team like Montreal or New York has more sway than the Nashvilles and Carolinas of the world (unless you're a team facing bankruptcy, then the league bends over backwards for you).

I don't think there's malicious intent behind this, just seems some teams are better at getting in the league's ear than others. It's just a ****ed up hierarchy in the NHL that's only compounded further by general incompetence by those in charge.
Whether it's malice or incompetence, the end result is the same. Anyway, while there may not be malice behind the way the league's mangled discipline, there is clearly malice on the ice (and from the B's bench, I assert) that gets protected and rewarded.

The NHL has gotten itself to a point where ending Syd Crosby's career didn't draw a penalty call, but receiving a cross check from Chara or a punch from Marchand most certainly does. Driving a guy's head into a stanchion (after threatening him!) almost two seconds after he's released the puck is a "strong hockey play" that the league is "extraordinarily comfortable" with not reacting to. Making a clean open ice hit less than a second late, however, is the worst infraction in NHL finals history. The forearm to the head is ignored, the shoulder to chest is stigmatized. Nomatter how you slice it that's ****ed up. The intention may not be malicious, but the result sure as hell is.

I wish I were just venting my opinion, but the box score makes these all facts.

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