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06-14-2011, 03:19 PM
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as for the hats.. here is the story

Models got the wrong shipment. They got the hats the rangers wore on the ice. They were supposed to get the one pictured in this thread.

I happened to get down to the mall before they opened (because now EVERYONE WAS A BANDWAGON FAN AND WANTED TO BUY EVERYTHING RANGERS RELATED! ) and my girlfriend bought me the hat, some shirts and some trinkets.

So I got the hat that wasnt supposed to be issued to the public. Or atleast thats what the Models manager told me at the time.

I still have the hat somewhere. I didnt want to ruin it but I think I wore it some.

Funny story on the side.. I went to the cigar store today I frequent with my truck and my NY PLate says, "DOMI" and some guy walks in and strikes up a conversation about Domi, the rangers and the stanley cup hat. I told him, WOW WE ARE HAVING A CONVERSATION ON HFBOARDS.COM ABOUT THIS. Whats the chances someone decides to talk to me about a stanley cup hat that was sold 17 years ago and at the same time having a thread mainly about a stanley cup hate from 17 years ago? ODD right?! lol

Anywho, I am going to go into the attic and look for it. I know I have SPARE 1994 Stanley Cup Patches the players wore on the ice. You can still get them for around 25-30 bucks. Everytime I come across one, I buy it. always thought they would be collectable and worth a lot of money. Its the one thing that is around in abundance. Oh and the mini-stanley cup trinket for the rangers. I bought a few of those thinking I hit gold. Now? Every sports store has like ten of them lol I could never be a stock broker. I buy all the wrong things and keep them thinking I have gold. Meantime I let go of the things that are priceless for nothing lol

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