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06-14-2011, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Capitaine Gionta View Post
Laraque was useless and wasn't making this team tougher. It's not even debatable.
Agreed. You need integral toughness. Toughness that is part of the team, not toughness that plays beside the team. Boston is as tough as it is because some of our most skilled on-ice players are also our biggest thugs. Chara, Lucic, Horton, all big, strong, tough, skilled guys. Even our "goon" is a pretty half decent 4th line wing just weighing his on-ice talent. Laraque and those like him won't get you that kind of toughness.

The annoying thing is that it's pretty clear that Subban could be part of the solution, if he didn't play so soft. He's a big fella, and pretty darned strong, but he's picking up a billion bad habits with soft play, diving and yapping, and isn't protected enough by his teammates to really develop into a tough, strong D. You guys need to get some help quick.

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