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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Agreed. You need integral toughness. Toughness that is part of the team, not toughness that plays beside the team. Boston is as tough as it is because some of our most skilled on-ice players are also our biggest thugs. Chara, Lucic, Horton, all big, strong, tough, skilled guys. Even our "goon" is a pretty half decent 4th line wing just weighing his on-ice talent. Laraque and those like him won't get you that kind of toughness.

The annoying thing is that it's pretty clear that Subban could be part of the solution, if he didn't play so soft. He's a big fella, and pretty darned strong, but he's picking up a billion bad habits with soft play, diving and yapping, and isn't protected enough by his teammates to really develop into a tough, strong D. You guys need to get some help quick.
Hrm, you do realize that if we were not injured, in good part because of your team, you likely wouldn't be past the first round right? Not sure why exactly we're supposed to adapt our team to your playstyle...?

To me the Bruins-Habs rivalry was all fun and games until the start of the year, and living in Boston I had quite a bit of fun about it with my boss and friends about it. But I don't even talk to them about it anymore, because it's not fun for me at this point. Ofc from your side it can keep being fun. You don't see one of your guy get his neck broken, and other vets get beat down by 4th line thugs when they don't even want to fight, seeing Ference flip the finger at the crowd (not that this bothered me all that much, just thought he was an idiot) and headshotting Halpern.

The Bruins should've had loads of suspension this year and nearly never got anything, and so they came to think that it's fine and there's absolutely nothing wrong with throwing elbows at the head (which Marchand did at least 4-5 times this year, got suspended once) or sucker punches when a game is sure to be won or loss. It's 'showing emotion'. Well sorry, I don't like or support diving anymore than you do (except I can see that my team do it, something Bruins fans seem unable to do, Ference, Marchand, Peverley, Chara, Bergeron and even Thomas are all diving and embellishing regularly you just don't realize it because your media don't spend 60 minutes on a highlight of them doing it), but to me doing stuff that's dangerous to other player's health is a hell of a lot worse, and that's what Bruins have been getting away with all year.

I'd like to act as if it's all fun and a good old rivalry, but I can't anymore. It's not fun. Fun is when it's about hockey. You can have fights between people that want to fight, sure. Shoving and pushing after the whistle, facewash, etc. was always part of the game even if I think it's a waste of time (without the sucker punches...).

But the absolute lack of respect of opponents, whining to the media, and incredible hypocrisy going on here just became unbearable to me, maybe because I'm surrounded in it. Once your players stop trying to injure everyone around them with full league immunity while your media calls practically every team you face full of divers, gutless weasels without ever taking a look at your own players doing the exact same thing night in and night out, maybe it can be fun once more.

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