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06-14-2011, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
All this proves is that the matrix you're using to determine this isn't one bit accurate. Edmonton was terrible, because they were terrible. Boston did better than edmonton because they're a superior team on every level.
Like I said its a ball park estimate. It ignores a number of established statistical realities like score effects and special teams time. It also ignores some unestablished ones like the effect of defensive skill on save percentage. There is also the luck factor of where goals end up getting distributed resulting in wins and losses

But it is a basic estimate of how much effect goaltending has on a teams success. It should be obvious to anyone that Edmonton's putrid goaltending had a lot to do with their last place finish and Boston's phenomenal goaltending is what lead them to among to the top teams in the East and the Stanley Cup finals. This quantifies these apparent facts.

Boston is led by Thomas's goaltending, that should be obvious to even the most casual observer. How much are they dependent on him is up for debate. I believe it is the major cause, others may believe that there are other factors that are just as important. I respect the other position even though I'm pretty sure its wrong.

You on the other hand have nothing but a lame circular argument that the Oilers are bad because they are bad and the Bruins are good because they are good. Which shouldn't convince a 5 year old of anything but there we are.

Of course Boston is better than Edmonton at every level (except shot prevention strangely). That isn't a good sign for Boston because Edmonton is terrible at everything there is to be bad at. If Edmonton managed to make the playoffs on the back the best regular season save percentage ever while being absolute terrible otherwise that would be unsuprising. Bad teams have made the playoffs on the back of truly spectacular goaltending before, just look at the Sabres with Hasek or Montreal 2001-02 with Theodore's ridiculous .931 over 67 games.

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