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06-14-2011, 05:14 PM
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I was 13 and finishing off 7th grade. That was a weird year with dating starting up, new social situations, learning about good music, Kurt Cobain had committed suicide a few months beforehand, and it was during finals at school. I watched alone that night because it was a school night and most of my friends were studying for an English final. My heart stopped when LaFayette hit the post and those final 10 minutes were beyond nerve wrecking in general.

The second it ended my best friend who I still see/watch games with/go to games with all the time called and we had a 5 minute celebratory conversation before back to "studying" and post game.

None of us could go to the Parade because we had a science final and all of the 5th and 6th graders like my neighbor made sure to rub it in.. On the English final the day after Game 7, over half my class wrote an essay on the Rangers and she gave us all automatic -15 points but it was such a joke.

I'd been watching the Rangers for about 5+ years at that point and I kind of took it for granted because they were always really good and winning the Division and two President's Trophies. I figured they'd be back another few times.

Much like the 86 Mets, it's sad how it all fell apart so quickly whether it was Keenan leaving or trading Zubov/Nostrom/etc...they should've lasted longer as a team and it's also sad how up to this point, that was the greatest era of Rangers hockey in my lifetime and the most success during that 89-97 run.

Mt favorite quote comes from my dad though who is not a hockey fan; "If the #%@#$% Rangers would've won this thing a week earlier, you would've done better on your finals." It sums up so much.

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