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Originally Posted by secretsquirrel View Post
Keep in mind that many OPS are actually two piece sticks that have been fused together. If you want a shaft with a lower kickpoint, then look at the high end tapered shafts from the major manufacturers(such as the Bauer X60).
Indeed, the vast majority of "OPS" sticks are actually 2 piece sticks that have been epoxied together, on most of them you can cut at the fuse point, chisel out the tenon in the shaft (this is a huge pain in the ass btw, can take ages), and you end up with a tapered shaft. I don't think there's any real durability difference between OPS and 2-piece sticks, as mentioned it's just cheaper to replace one part of a 2-piece obviously.

Re: the OP, if you want to try a lower kick stick, go ahead and pick up a OPS, or a tapered shaft. As already mentioned the Dolo shaft is supposed to be excellent, and you might be able to find the older (Dragon graphics) ones on sale. When one of my current sticks breaks (I limit my self to two unbroken sticks at a time for financial reasons ) I'll likely replace it with a Dolo shaft. Especially if you're looking to switch to a new curve (sounds like you are if you want to switch to the Getzlaf pattern) I'd suggest a 2-piece, since if you end up not liking the new curve it'll be easy and cheap to switch to something different.

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