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06-14-2011, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Here's where I disagree. Boston fans didn't know the extent of the injury to Raymond at the time of the incident. They saw a man go down on a rather harmless play at first glance, and he didn't get back up. He then was helped off the ice, while still being able to skate on his own two feet. Add to the mix that the Canucks have been flopping all playoffs long, it's not hard to see they assumed he was faking it like the bunch.

Don't get me wrong. Whether someone is hurt or not, I don't like it when the fans boo the player that is down. However, to say "after learning the extent", it's kind of taking the whole scenario out of context.

I'm sure if Thomas grabbed a microphone and quickly said; "Guys, he's really hurt. His back is broken.", the fans would not be booing.
How can you honestly defend something like that....nothing more than disgusting behavior. They didn't even clap or cheer when he got up. Par for the course for Boston. Not like the refs called a penalty too on the play.

When someone is laying down like that on the ice, he deserves the benefit of the matter what team he plays on. You dont see other arenas booing injured players (maybe philly) even if they dont know the extent of the injury...******** excuse.

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