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Originally Posted by Achronos19 View Post
Wait so I have an SE16 shaft that I cut the broken blade off of. I got that stupid **** out of the bottom and it was a pain in the ass. But what you're saying is I that I have a tapered shaft cause honestly I was thinking of just flipping the shaft around ghetto style and putting a new blade in what was the top.

I also have no idea what blade to get cause I want a light one that isn't gonna throw off the lightweight shaft.
I've never tried it with an SE16 personally, but yeah, often if you cut a so called "one piece" right at the fuse point, then chisel out the left over tenon (can literally take like an hour on some sticks!), you have a tapered shaft that will fit tapered blades. If you're not sure if the opening is the right size, just bring your converted shaft to your LHS and compare the opening to the size of the tenons on the tapered blades (try to find ones without much glue near the end to compare easily/properly). If it's a bang on fit, great, if the opening looks just a touch wide, that's OK too as you can shim with a layer of tape (only if it's close to a good fit already though), but if the opening is too small or way too big then just pop a standard blade in the other end. Flipping it over will mess with the kick point a bit, won't perform quite as well as it would if you can fit a tapered blade in the end that's supposed to be the bottom, but if the fit isn't good on the real bottom then flipping is your only choice, and the performance will generally still be OK.

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