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06-14-2011, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
nice to see some rational minds out there...

it's a message board, so any topic of conversation is as worthy as people want to make it, but frankly i find it a little embarrassing that 2 of the major threads on our boards these days are hallmarks of sore losers...

are better than the canucks? seriously? just b/c the team we LOST to in 7 games is now playing a tight series with the best team in the league that somehow makes us as good if not better than them?

it's beyond ridiculous.

we lost in the first round... that puts us in the group of the "worst teams to make the playoffs"... point final. Wether we lost in 4-5-6 or 7, bottom line is that when push came to shove, we couldn't hack it.

if the Bruins win the cup, it won't be the first time in recent memory that we were eliminated by the eventual cup winners...

TB in '04, Carolina in '06... both of those series we lost despite at times looking like the better team, big deal.

as the future showed, our "success" against the eventual cup winners meant little in terms of how "good" we were or were going to be.

bottom line, imo, is that the habs NEED a good offseason just to be back as a borderline playoff team, let alone putting together a roster that could legitimately contend for a cup.
both the nucks and the B's are already there, and barring pretty major screw-ups, they will be back in the top-4/conference hunt come September.

fan bias is all fine and good, but let's not turn into a bunch of leafs fans with our out-of-wack extrapolations!
We would've won the cup if we had Markov.

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