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06-14-2011, 11:27 PM
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Have to continue with what I thought from the side. Bruins have a great and deep team. Thomas is clutch, Julien is the coach for them, and Bruins are a much better team than their own fans gave them credit for. I keep saying it, but the funniest part is to read how Bruins fans are saying how their team is not getting the recogniztion they deserved....if there was one fanbase who was incredibly down on that team it's them.....They've fired Chiarelli a number of times...can you believe it? Yes there is the Kaberle episode that didn't turn right....but how about all these other moves? How about having a Seguin in their ranks, all those rookies coming, a great actual team at 1 game to win the Cup and another top 10 pick coming? Chiarelli is a great GM who was bashed by their fanbase 100 of times. Same for Julien....and so many times have I read them bashing Thomas, they couldn't wait to see Rask in there... It could happen next year but until then, Thomas is your ultimate competitor and for him alone, I wish they win. For what the Bruins represent, which is a good mix of talent and toughness, I have no problem to see them winning as well even if we'd hate it as an arch rival.

But honestly, seeing them win might just change the rivalry between the 2. They'll stop their inferiority complex, we'll start to be a little more humble and concentrate on hoping to see a better team with a better mix. We'd understand one day that in the playoffs, the refs are dumb and dumber and allow things they don't allow in the regular season which means that we should, one day, if possible, please....that you should build your team freakin ACCORDINGLY.

And based on how scared Vancouver were in Boston and how those games were borderline disrespectful to the game of hockey, based on how much I don't like Luongo, based on the fact that I don't believe Vancouver deserve it or as a matter of fact, I just don't believe that they are a better team, Boston should and will win. And we'll move on from there. Enough with the 1972 argument, a litlte much of the present arguments...

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