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Originally Posted by night-timer View Post
.... the skates fit me okay. Standing up straight, my toes barely brush the front of the boot. This, of course, leads to more room in that part of the boot when I bend my ankles and knees.... "just barely/almost touching", as you put it.

I've also had my feet looked at. Both "pronate significantly", meaning my ankles lean inwards (inside edge) so I may not be ideally centred on my blades when gliding. That makes it more difficult to get over onto the outside edges... I may need orthotic inserts, but custom jobs arent cheap. Know of a pre-made version that isn't a waste of time?
Sounds like your skates are the right length, what about the width and heel lock?

In terms of inserts, if your feet pronate like crazy I think the only good option is custom orthotics, but they're obviously very expensive. But if it's just a bit of pronation, yellow Superfeet are awesome. The yellow ones are made for skates so they're nice and thin/low volume, but they offer a lot of arch support, and will significantly reduce pronation. I wear them in my skates, and love them, maybe the best hockey related purchase I've ever made. To fit them properly, chose the ones that fit your heel/arch best, as they're made with oversized forefeet that are meant to be trimmed (with scissors) to the size of your stock insoles. This video is decent in terms of fitting advice:

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