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Originally Posted by Roke View Post
I hope you don't mind me giving my thoughts Analyzer

--I've said my piece about Leino over the last month or so, i don't think he's a top-6 forward. He played very easy minutes last year with ample offensive opportunities and given his scoring totals he's going to probably be overpaid in salary & term for the type of player he is.

-- I like Laich a fair bit though I don't think he's an upgrade on any of the wingers in the top-6. If nothing else signing him probably bumps Kostitsyn to easy minutes though which would give the Habs some very nice forward depth. Good addition, but I worry about the length of contract he will demand given that he's more of a 2nd-line guy who can probably handle top-line opposition beside

--Upshall would be an excellent addition to the forward group: played against good opposition and his metrics look good in doing so, brings the size/toughness/trolling that everybody would like.

--Gagné/Connolly both have injury worries and I have some concerns about Gagné's play last year but either would be a nice, short-term gamble on adding some quality forward depth.

--Kopecky: I don't think he's an upgrade on Desharnais, nevermind a top-6 forward. A lot of offensive-zone faceoffs (unlike Desharnais who actually started more in the defensive zone than offensive), opposition comparable to what Desharnais had at even-strength, not spectacular possession-metrics considering the weak opposition and o-zone faceoffs. This is the first time I've taken a good look at him, but I'm not a fan.


Not a fan of any of the guys on your list with the exception of Torres, who would be outstanding. Kenopka was used in an ultra-defensive role and did alright in it, but he takes too many penalties for my liking... I think he would have been the second-most penalized Hab forward behind Plekanec last year (minor penalties only... fights don't put you shorthanded so fighting majors aren't a big deal to me).

Winchester is a liability and Rupp doesn't look to be an upgrade on Pyatt. Torres though, would be a great pick-up and I could live with Kenopka thoguh I'm not really a fan. I'd rather see Desharnais centering the 4th-line and beating up on opposition goons on the scoreboard.
I should have clarified with Kopecky. He'd be a top 6 for us like Travis Moen is. Is Moen skilled enough for top 6 ? **** no. Would Martin play him there cause of his size ? Yup.

If I were Martin and the habs signed Leino, I, too would make him play on the 3rd line, but the money he could command would mean top 6 minutes for him. imo.

Laich and Upshall. We seem to agree that both should be the targets (I don't think we could get both for the money they might want, but one of them would be great)

Subban took 40 minors, or so. You also have to remember with Kenopka is that he was playing on the Islanders. A team that isn't very skilled right now, so they're mostly chasing the puck rather than controlling. He's not the best offensively, but he can fight and win faceoffs. Our pk is pretty good, so the 2 benefits he brings are outweighed by the negative, imo.

If it's not Begin, Lapierre, or Pouliot someone has to be the token player to take stupid penalties. At least with Winchester you expect it. However, like Pouliot (well, sometimes) he'll take the penalty being overly physical, and not just hooking a player because he's tired.

Rupp would be on the 4th line kind of switching in and out with Pyatt. If we play Detroit, we don't really need Rupp, but a team like Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, or even the Rangers we would. Fredik Sjorstrom is my proposed idea as a player to replace Pyatt.

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by nhlupdate
Dispatch: Talks underway between #CBJ and D Jan Hejda, who can become a free agent on July1. However, RW Scott Upshall likely off to market.

Just like to add that.

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