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06-15-2011, 03:02 AM
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This was posted in another thread by poster Pierre Jr(?) but I think it deserves to be posted here as well, if it hasn't already, I might have missed it then..

This all but guarantees that Gomez will be back next year, in a contract year kind of situation. Obviously, PG must have a decent read wheter a Compliance Buyout Clause will be added in the new CBA. If so, I don't see any reason for him to ship Gomez out of town unless he gets a good deal, which we all have pretty much has ruled out.

A compliance buyout clause could also mean that PG could try a Spacek-for-Souray move. Souray isn't signed to a 35+ contract and will thus come off the cap if sent to AHL, as opposed to Spacek who might fill a need with the Oilers?

So while I think we are stuck with Gomez for another season, we can only hope he will rebound with unemployment hanging over him, and the need to fill out the top six, I would go hard after Wisniewski.
We've got a head start and we might get a home discount (likelier with Wiz than with a FA forward).
A top three D-squad of Markov-Wiz-Subban could help jump start the offence and will give us a deadly PP.

I'd hesitate at throwing 5+M after Wiz on a longterm contract but maybe now is the time to gamble and he gives us insurance if Markov goes down again. And he takes some heat of off Subban in his sophomore year.

Reunite the ATM-line, play Max-Gomez-Gionta and hope that work out. Throw in 1-2 bottom six forwards in the $1-2M price range and work the lines out along with DD, Eller, Pouliot, White, Pyatt, Moen...

Few, if any, NHL teams are perfectly balanced, this will give us a strong D-squad and a thinner top 6, but I think it is pretty realistic and do-able and will bolster our offensive production.

Of course, getting Jagr at $2M will put things in a different light.

Admittedly, a lot of "hope" and "might" but i guess that's the nature of the game for an NHL GM.


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