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Originally Posted by I Love Rebecca Black View Post
Please quote this post, or use this format when placing votes:

Most Valuable Poster Award: Loffen, Ranger Boy, Edge, GAGline can't believe people weren't voting for these guys especially loffen!

The Albert Einstein Award:Edge isn't around often so I'll give it to GAGline guy is always saying something rational only he is absolutely never a jerk about it. Around here that takes a special kind of intelligence and wisdom because it's so frustrating being ranger fan sometimes.

The Lewis Black Award:dedalus epitome of miserable AND he takes it out on everyone. HM Bluenote & SBOB seems pretty angry but he kinda keeps it to himself. More frequent posters deserving of this might include machinehead and ailurophile too those two were pretty...interesting all season long.

The Eye In The Sky Award: Fitzy, Try

The Coverboy Award: Edge

The Fantasy League Award: bernmeister

The Shakehead Award: 94now.
Some HM: Rangers 31285 for that horrific thread he hijacked about Hank. Bluenote. Sting too b/c he talks to most people like dirt...though recently he stopped or at least toned it down.

The Debator Award: Me I play devil's advocate more than Al Pacino.
whats the prize

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