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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Those numbers say nothing of the sort. They say the Habs are like all teams where it comes to shooting percentage: average. With variations year over year. Just like Boston. Or San Jose.

Let's play a little game to illustrate. Which, of the following two teams, do you believe has had the best 5-on-5 finishers over the last four years:

Toronto Maple Leafs
Detroit Red Wings

Remember three things: Corsi refers to five-on-five play (scoring leaders typically rack up a large portion of their points on the power play) and Corsi is about outscoring more than it is about offense (outscoring is what matters in hockey, not just offense), and for individual players Corsi is heavily dependent on context (players who play softer opposition or often start in the offensive zone will get higher Corsi without being better). Icetime matters as well. You can't expect to take a list of Corsi leaders and have it match the list of top scorers; that's not what Corsi represents at all.

Because puck possession is a sustainable skill (unlike shooting percentage), and because the Habs loaded up on strong 5-on-5 possession players in 2009 and has had their players seriously underperform their results on other teams. I made a little study and everyone who joined the Habs saw their puck possession metrics go down when they joined the club, and everyone who left saw them go up, regardless if they were coming from strong clubs like Detroit, decent ones like the Rangers, or poor ones.

This year, however everyone played pretty much to their "average" level of historical performance. Basically, the "black hole" that joining the Habs represented is gone. Basically, the Habs' player are now playing at the level they always have, whereas last year was an anomaly for them individually.

I've complained a lot about Martin in the past, but this year he's achieved what I thought/hoped he would. I expected it last year, but maybe there was a learning curve.

No it wasn't. It was a massive difference. It wasn't subtle. You're merely willfully ignoring it.

On the contrary, there was a huge difference. They fixed their long-standing problems with 5-on-5 this year. I'd say you just missed it, but you do have this tendency to just ignore whatever doesn't suit your argument.
Seriously? the maple leafs had better 5/5 finishers than the wings over the past 4 years? That surprises me.

Is the black hole you speak of.. Shots on Goal? I could see that improved for sure this year...

The aberration is our shooting %? This is why we couldnt win at times this year? (Terrible season for our snipers)

& you feel that because our trend is climbing,, So Long as we return to league average shooting %... We should see a natural incline in our overall teamplay/stats?

CORSI I have a decent (not great) understanding of the stat... Is it goals/sog for ice time? Or puck possession

I heard that Scotty Gomez, is much more visible on our CORSI lists.. (Esp. 2 years ago, his first season as a hab, and last season as a Ranger

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