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Originally Posted by CanadianCommie View Post
Fair point, but I still feel like strikeforce is lacking and even though it was bought by Zuffa, I feel like Bellator has stolen its lunch money. A merge now seems inevitable.

WEC definitely suffered even after the Zuffa purchase, but I think part of it was that it was seen as just an excuse to keep the lighter weight classes separate...I also feel like WEC's exposure was a bit limited despite being on versus (or perhaps because it was on Versus) as I didn't really start following WEC until 4-5 cards before the merger after catching some event replays on TheScore.

I don't know, getting sponsors for the smaller orgs which are de facto feeder leagues for the UFC anyways is still possible, I can't imagine why Strikeforce would have more difficulty in doing it. Maybe Strikeforce needs a re-branding, like calling it the Ultimate Challenger's Championship or League and tie it into their TUF series.

How cool would it be if they embraced the Grand Prix concept and had tournaments in the various weight classes with the winners getting grand prix champ belts, a big fat bonus and a UFC fight contract? It'd be a lot like Bellator is now, but it'd be a good way to revitalize the strikeforce brand and steal back some of the thunder fromn Bellator.
If you get rid of all your top fighters the sponsorship won't be as good. You'll still get some sponsorship, but you could kiss away all the top ones you have now.

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