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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
The problem that will happen if you just make Strikeforce a feeder league is it probably goes under. You'll lose all your big sponsors and your PPV is out the window.

Granted if anyone were to make it work it would be Dana White and company, but I think you probably have to abandon the Strikeforce brand and call it UFC lite or something. It will be tough to do.
The UFC will dissolve Strikeforce at one point or another. Zuffa didn't buy it for the brand visibility (Pride) or to help stave off competition (WEC); they bought it for the fighters. Between the two companies 95% of the top MMA fighters in the word are under the Zuffa banner and other than a flyweight division (which neither company has) you can count the number of top-ten fighters in a weight class outside of the UFC and Strikeforce on one hand. However keeping Strikeforce running as a feeder league for the time being helps keep any new competitor at bay by sitting on Showtime (who have had success with MMA between Elite XC and Strikeforce) and keeping fighters off the market. It's not a permanent answer but one which helps the UFC get bigger and maintain more sponsorship dollars in the long run.

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