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06-15-2011, 02:24 PM
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I dont agree too often with Raymond but I do agree when he says we didnt/still dont have the guns and physicality to get the cup.
When you go in a war , you gotta be able to, at the very least make the opposition respect you, and not let them take too many liberties as we ve seen too often this year.
Injuries will happen, it s almost a given , every year, to every teams, we just dont know who it s gonna be. So it s the same for every team, sometimes u get lucky sometimes u dont but it s part of the game.
A good example of this in this final serie is for example, after the first 2 games, Boston had to win so they just came and started crushing Vancouver, hitting everything, it made the Nucks versy shaky and they easily won both games, then Vancouver had to reverse that back home and what do they do,they come out flying and crushing the Bruins Ds, hits were like 25 -10 at some point in that game for them, same thing again for game 6, this time vancouver started hitting early, as we saw with that Edler hit, but then the Bruins in the same game came back stronger and started to hit more, crushing Raymond and breaking his neck vertabrae (another broken one!) and kept on hitting, scored a goal, and then a few more with the momentum and taking advantage of the fact that Vancouver was playing shaky again, and that s it game over, all beacuse of the physicality, not skills.
Guess what both teams are gonna do tonight again...but now Bostion has the advantage since they injured so many Vacouver players.
But that s another story tho, it s obvious to me that the referees are favouring the bruins...Maybe in part because Campbell is playing, but mayble also because thats what the NHL wants to sell, tough and strong hockey plays, that s spectacular, and if you look at their headshot politics, it actually makes a lot of sense, to me anyways.
The fact that the refs are so biased tho is a different story again and makes this league a joke, I mean last game, Edler hits someone get a penalty for running that guy into the band, then I dont know , Ference or maybe Boychuk runs Edler into the band, break his neck , making him not able to play for at least the next 4 months, and no penalty??It s been disgusting like that all season long...

Anyways all this to say that the physical part of the game was huge in this series, I know we were a goal away from winning that Boston serie, but I still dont believe that we would ve got to the finals, too small makes and not enough physical, always a t the wrong end of the hits made the team too injured and out of gas by the time they have to play more than 100 games in the season.....
That also prevents your wingers from gaining the zone effectively, taking the body on your opponents in the corners, and cycling the puck effectively, not letting the cammalleris and giontas for example enough time and space to be effective.
Or, if your Ds are not physical enough, you re just tiring your ds and forwards by running after the puck and obviously your puck possession game but that s a bit obvious...
Maybe that had something to do with the fact that we didnt score a goal at ES in the last 2 games and were in the bottom 10 of the league during the regular season.
Anyways, I dont agree often with Raymond or with everything he said but he s not wrong in the sense that we need to be more physical.

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