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06-15-2011, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
if he ends up going to Det as a replacement for Rafalski, I think you guys will be a bit disapointed (especially if you have to outbid everyone else for his services and end up paying 5M+).

Wiz is a solid top-4 dman B/C of his aggressive play on the PP and his overall offensive production. Unlike Rafalski, who to my estimation was both a solid point producer AND a very good positional dman who offset his physical limitations with skill/poise, Wiz seems to me as a guy who is still getting by thanks to a relatively one-dimensional skill set combined with a very solid competitive edge.

he plays with aggression and intensity, and he has a pretty good feel in the offensive zone, but ultimately he is sub-par in his defensive-zone coverage and defensive transition game. He needs to play with an edge to be effective, but that intensity also leads him to overcommit far too often defensively, which lead to pretty troublesome breakdowns in his own end.

not the kind of player you want to see playing vital minutes in a must win game...

his offensive contributions certainly cover up some of his shortcomings, and he is by all means a very solid top-4 player... just not in the same caliber as a Rafalski, even though he's primed to get paid that way this offseason.

if he is willing to take less than "market" value, I'd be shocked to see him leave montreal since he claims to love it here, but I'd see Detroit as one of the few other teams he'd go to at less than 5M$, in which case he would be a solid addition (imo, 4M would be his fair price point, but 50pt UFA dmen don't generally go that cheap).
Good way of putting it, that's how I'd explain Wisniewski as well.

He's a solid #3-4 guy, that under his current cap hit was a luxury. I think Wisniewski will run into the same problem a lot of UFA's do, in that if he ends up signing around 5M or more he will enter a zone where expectations may not be met regularly and he could become a scape goat. I'd say Wiz's real world value is between 4-4.25M, but he's likely to get the "UFA Luxury". I fully agree with the other posters that it would be criminal to see Wiz walk from Montreal at that price tag and see Spacek return next season. We'll see how it plays out I guess.

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