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08-26-2005, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Petey21
Oakley is a good choice for a visor, I have an Oakley Pro Modified Aviator myself and I like it alot.

Just an important detail though, make sure to never use any other chemicals on it other than Oakley's own AFR visor spray to clean and protect it. It is exclusively made to clean Oakley (and 1Xcel) visors. If you use other brands, the visor might get a "milky" effect on it.

One of the guys I play with uses a Jofa visor and he told me that he uses Pledge Furniture spray on his visor to keep it from fogging up. He is a part time ref for Junior A games in the area and he says thats what the Junior A and QMJHL teams use on there visors. I know that Itech is the official visor of the CHL, so I guess Pledge works for Jofa and Itech, but probably not on Oakley. Has anyone else tried this?

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