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06-15-2011, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by JimCareyPrice View Post
The world is not a math formula and just because your limited experience makes you believe it is, it still is not.
Sentences like "the world is not a math formula" are meaningless. Plenty of things in the world follow mathematics. For example, if I flip a coin, it will comes down as head 50% of the time, and as tail 50%. This has nothing to do with our "limited experience", this is the result of many many many tries and always getting the same results on the average.

Likewise, and as Mathman mentioned many times in a better way than I could ever, shooting percentage vary wildly from teams to teams and over the years, and cannot be reproduced easily. This is not an opinion, this is the blunt results of the data we have. Just saying "no it's not" doesn't change anything with that.
Skill, experience and motivation you will learn are what makes athletes better than one other and that makes teams better than each other.
And your point being?

The naivety on this thread is mind boggling.
In this thread, I see mostly one guy who is way too far for 90% of the fanbase, and a few others who are so completely out of their league that their entire points resolve around arguments from ignorance.

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